Funko Announces Cuphead Plushes And Pops

Funko has announced more Cuphead collectibles for fans of the game, both in plush form and in their Pop line.

The plushes, pictured above, are approximately 8″ tall and feature Cuphead, Mugman, and the Devil. So you can line up all your plushes and pontificate on how Mugman is the good and correct one.

The Pops, featured below, have the same characters mentioned above, as well as King Dice, a rare gold variant of King Dice, and the Legendary Chalice who gives your super moves. If you get the gold King Dice and don’t sing the King Dice theme song, you might not deserve to own it, but you can be forgiven if you at least hum it.

All of the above come out in February, so if your significant other is a big Cuphead fan, this might be a good thing to give as either a Valentine’s Day gift or an I’m Sorry For Forgetting Valentine’s Day gift, depending on when in February they come out.

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