Microsoft Replacing Xbox One’s Snap Feature In Next Update

Snap, an interesting, but admittedly rarely used by most, feature of the Xbox One is getting replaced in the next update in order to improve overall speed.

Xbox platform head Mike Ybarra revealed the upcoming change in a tweet writing, “We replaced Snap to improve multitasking, reduce memory use, improve overall speed, and free up resources going forward for bigger things.” Multi-tasking will still be available, as Microsoft details in this blog for the upcoming update, but no mention of Snap is made. The blog offers some additional teases of what’s to come for the Xbox One dashboard, including visual changes, and the plans to speed up the console’s performance.

Microsoft is currently testing the update and it should be available to Xbox One owners in April.

[Source: @XboxQwik, Xbox via The Verge]


Our Take
I was very optimistic about this feature when the Xbox One launched, and fully expected myself to use it. I even wrote a whole feature about it. Ultimately, though, I never really snapped anything but Achievements. It’s a neat feature, but I can’t say I will miss it. It’s too bad I won’t be able watch The Great Mouse Detective and The Great Mouse Detective simultaneously anymore, though.

Test Chamber – New Gameplay And Our Impressions Of Ghost Recon Wildlands

We recently had the chance to go check out how the latest entry in the Ghost Recon series, due out March 7,  is shaping up. In this clip, Matt Bertz and I talk about how the game is different from previous entries and what Ubisoft is doing to innovate their open-world games.

You can watch the whole thing right here:

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You can also check out my written impressions of the game here.

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Where to Find Lord of the Rings Collectibles in Tampa

Hand of Sauron



Are you a “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” fan? Watching the movies may not be enough, you have to go through it over and over again. For the enthusiasts, acquiring The Lord of the Rings Collectibles will make them remember their unforgettable movie experience. For the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fanatics in Tampa area, the following are comic book shops and hobby stores that you can visit.


Heroes’ Haven Comics

Heroes Haven Comics

Heroes Haven is Tampa Bay’s best comic book store. The comic book centre offers buy-and-sell comic books, action figures, posters, toys, novelty items, statues, and more. The comic book shop has been around since November 2008. It is created for comic book and collectable enthusiasts. In this shop, you can find limited offer The Lord of the Rings collectables.


Heroes’ Haven must have hired one of the best Tampa Search Engine Optimization companies since their site ranks #1 in Tampa for several keywords.
Heroes Haven is located at 4339 Gunn Hwy Tampa, Florida. The store opens every Monday to Sunday. Every Monday to Saturday store opens at 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and Sunday at 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. You can call Heroes Haven through Phone (813) 269-8859


Barnes & Noble Tampa

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is the largest retail bookseller in the United States. The Fortune 500 company operates 640 retail stores in the U.S.’s 50 states, as of January 1, 2016. The stores sell not only reading materials but DVDs, gift ideas, music, games, toys, and with high-technology coming in, Nook e-readers and tablets.
If you want to find The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Collection, Barnes & Noble has them in wide range selection. You can find books of different editions and types. They have Nook books, paperbacks, audio books, and hardcovers. They also have CD, DVD, and Blu-ray of The Lord of the Rings movies. Enjoy the music from The Lord of the Rings by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Crouch End Festival Chorus (CD). 2017 The Lord of the Rings calendar is also sold at $14.99 each.
Barnes & Noble is located at 213 N Dale Mabry Tampa, FL. You can call 33609 (813) 871-2228 for inquiries. The store opens every Monday to Thursday at 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Friday to Saturday at 9:00 am – 11:00 pm and Sunday at 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.
Barnes & Noble is also located at 11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL. Call 33618 (813) 962-6446 for more information about The Lord of the Rings Collection. The store opens Monday to Thursday at 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Friday to Saturday at 9:00 am – 11:00 pm and Sunday at 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.

GameStop Tampa


GameStop has wide range Lord of the Rings Collectibles. You can find rare items just like Gollum Mini Bust, scarf, beanie, Gandalf Mini Bust, Witch King Incense Burner Statue, among others.
GameStop is located at 2539 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33607. You can call them at (813) 877-5058. The store opens from Monday to Saturday at 10am-9pm and Sunday at 11am-6pm.


How to Buy Lord of the Rings Collectibles in Delaware


Lord of the Rings Collectible
Theoden and Grima Collectibel

Lord of the Rings collectibles are characterized with a high demand by the young and the elder part of the population all over the World, so it is the case in the USA, particularly Delaware.


There are many stores and hobby shops on the market selling Lord of the Rings Collectibles, yet the demand is expanding. Therefore, we provide a short description of the most convenient stores or hobby shops selling the Lord of the Rings Collectibles.


The Hobbit Merchandise is a hobby shop that offers Lord of the Rings Collectibles. It is also available online, so you can get the collections accordingly to your preferences. There is a discount for an order over $100, as well as free shipping to your address.


LOTR Chess Board
Lord of the Rings Chess


WBSHOP is another store where the Lord of the Rings Collectibles are available. You are able to reach them online as well.

Furthermore, AbeBooks is another hobby shop selling the collectibles of Lord of the Rings in Delaware. You could order them even online, and the delivery is quite fast and secure.


Another store from where you could be able to buy your favorite collectibles is Barnes&Noble store, which also has an online site. They sell the particular collectibles of Lord of the Rings.  The Barnes & Noble Store in Delaware is located at:

340 Christiana Mall
Newark, DE 19702

However, be aware that a roofing in Delaware company is repairing the roof and there is some leaking and loud construction noises while shopping.  The company doing the work is Russell Anthony Exteriors.


The official Warner Bros Shops is available all over USA, so it is also at hand in Delaware. That is the place where Lord of the Rings collectibles are accessible.


Lord of the Rings Collectible
The Fury of the Witch King Collectible


The Days of Knights is an online seller of various collectibles, and they are the ones that sell the Lord of the Rings collectibles as well in Delaware, USA. You could order the collectibles and get them safely and on time.

EBay is an online site which provides different collectibles. It is available all over the World, and so it is the case for United States and Delaware as well. On the site you will be able to look for your preferred collections and besides you get buy the Lord of the Rings collectibles which are always on sale.


Now when you have an idea of where to address to obtain the Lord of the Rings Collectibles you have been looking for a long time, it is not difficult to make a step and get them easily. If you are busy or simply lazy to go right to the store or the hobby shop, then order them online and wait for the delivery package to your door!

Can The Switch Get Nintendo Back On Track? Game Informer Editors Discuss

The gaming community is buzzing with reactions to Nintendo’s highly anticipated Switch event last night. From first and third-party releases, to tech specs and online services, there’s a lot to unpack.

Editor Kimberley Wallace is joined by Matthew Bertz, Brian Shea, and Suriel Vazquez to discuss the event and whether or not they think this will be enough to get Nintendo back on track. Check out the discussion below!

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Ubisoft Announces Three Games For Nintendo Switch

Not many games were shown during Nintendo’s Switch Presentation, but plenty were announced after the show ended, including three from Ubisoft. All three just happen to be ports or enhanced editions of previously released games.

The first game hitting is Just Dance 2017, and it will be available at the Switch’s launch on March 3. Switch players will receive three free months of access to Just Dance Unlimited, a service that offers over 200 songs. Up to six players can play this version of Just Dance 2017, using either the Joy-Con or a phone with the Just Dance app.

The second game on the docket is Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition. Ubisoft teases that this port features all of the original game’s content, and  “brand-new surprises.” The final game Steep, the recently released snowboarding experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. No release date was given for either Rayman or Steep.

This initial lineup favors old over new, but Ubisoft’s managing editor Xavier Poix says “These three games are just the beginning. We will share more about other exciting projects for the Nintendo Switch at a later date.”

An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Lord of the Rings Ecommerce




If you run a Lord of the rings eCommerce site then, you need to conduct an effective social media marketing strategy.  Lord of the Rings is one of most popular fantasy novels available. It was written by J. R.R Tolkien and features the main antagonist, Lord Sauron who created one ring to rule other rings of power. It was so successful that it resulted in a movie being created out of it. Therefore, you need to follow the right marketing steps so that you can achieve your goals.

The right Social Media Marketing Plan involves identification of your audience. There are many different social media platforms available and it is important to identify the ones that hold your target groups. After you do that, you can then work on other areas of your strategy. Secondly, you need to identify the face of your Lord of the Rings eCommerce site. You have to choose that people can easily identify with. This will enable people to identify with your message the moment they see it.


There is also need for a good time management plan. This is to ensure that you maintain your productivity. Most social media platforms are very addictive and if you are not careful, you can end up spending a lot of time there. Unfortunately, this can eat into your productivity. Therefore, it is very important to set specific timelines for working on social media marketing.

Sauron Figurine

Lastly, you need to focus on quality content. Although you may be tempted to chat with your potential customers about your lord of the rings ecommerce business, it will be more helpful to have the right content for the site. Use the content to educate your audience about your ecommerce business and products and in time, you will find that you are capturing their attention. And while creating the content, don’t forget about SEO.


For the right marketing strategy, you also need to ignore bad ego. Many social media marketers have a lot of ego that makes them look like brags online. However, if you only focus on your business and ignore the side shows, you will be in a better position to achieve good results. Social media marketing can be very easy when you master the strategies. With extended practice, you can be able to perfect your skills and improve on your Lord of the Rings eCommerce business. And with that, you will earn more returns.

The Types of Birds in Lord of the Rings





J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, is known for his expansive imagination and creative genius. He thought up civilizations, giving them rich histories and cultures, as well as devising fleshed-out languages for them. He invented a slew of mythical creatures, such as the Balrog and the orcs, but what about more mundane creatures, such as birds? Does the fictional world of Middle-Earth have the same birds we have in our world or any more fantastical ones?

The Great Eagles

The Great Eagles

For most Lord of the Rings fans, the first thing they will think of when they hear “Lord of the Rings bird” will be the Great Eagles.  These are great sized birds, nothing like a parrolet.  The Great Eagles are very important in Tolkien’s mythology, both in the background history and the stories themselves, such as the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. They are no ordinary birds, but as intelligent as men or elves and can speak. They are also immortal. The Eagles are servants of Manwë, the leader of the Valar (their original task was to watch over Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, after his fall from grace). The true nature of the Eagles is mysterious (Tolkien himself wasn’t sure about their definitive nature), though they may be Maiar, a type of spirit. These Eagles are also much larger than an ordinary eagle – Thorondor, the largest of them all, had a wingspan of 180 feet! Some named Eagles include Thorondor, Meneldor, Gwaihir, and Landroval. The Great Eagles have a habit of showing up when they are most needed, such as in the Hobbit when they save Bilbo and the gang from goblins and wargs, and in the Lord of the Rings films when one rescues Gandalf from Saruman’s Tower.


The Crebain

The Crebain

Speaking of Saruman, he used birds as spies to try and locate Frodo and the Fellowship in the Fellowship of the Ring. These birds are called the Crebain (another specifically Lord of the Rings bird) and are raven or crow-like, flying in large flocks which cast a huge shadow upon the ground and are known to make terrible screeching noises (alerting people to their presence and perhaps making them not ideal spies). They had some degree of intelligence, though they never speak as the Great Eagles do.

Other Birds

What about other, less fantastical birds? Middle-Earth does seem to have similar animal life to what we have in our world (actually, it’s interesting to note that Tolkien considered his stories to be actual history of our world, lost to time). A thrush serves an important role in The Hobbit book, telling the archer Bard Smaug’s only weak spot and allow him to kill the dragon (yes, even ordinary birds in Middle-Earth can talk from time to time). Ravens serve as messengers, and some can speak Westron (the language of humans). Kingfishers, hawks, sparrows, owls, larks, nightingales, and other birds familiar to us also exist in this universe.


Though, not as fantastic as Tolkien’s imagination, you can have your own pet bird by ordering here –


J.R.R. Tolkien’s Dark Side



J.R.R. Tolkien


J.R.R. Tolkien was a controversial writer. Most of his fantasy novels were written halfway and left without any further instructions to publish or to finish such creative work. Tolkien was a routine catholic believer but his success is not inclined to catholic beliefs. Many researchers have associated him with ancient dark forces. The act of taking Sam’s word to the cavern of Maria has been associated with Illuminati who controls today’s media and video game industry. His source of wealth in Spain and Portugal is connected to magic stories. These magic stories which happened before the Christian error are believed too devilish.  If Tolkien lived in today’s society he would suffer from having a poor online reputation.

The character choice of Tolkien is directly linked to dark forces. In the story of hapless kullervo’ and the children of Hurin,’ the actors engage in evil acts. They commit incest and eventually kill themselves by falling on their own swords. A writer who is conversant with this imagination must have either practiced such evil acts or witnessed such acts in his own community. Tolkien seems to admire these evil characters. He admired evil activities and was ready to engage in them.


In the Blue-robed Lady of the forest Tolkien is seen as an amalgam of Galadriel and the Blue wizard. In this mysterious appearance, he commits numerous evil deeds. The Blue Wizard is the pioneer of all evil in the forest. Any human being who went to the forest never came back. The wizard’s evil forces will arrest him and put him into captivity. These little creatures mistreat both innocent and war captives.
In the Lord of rings, Tolkien believes in dark forces surround the whole story. The main antagonist called Dark Lord of Sauron created a magic ring to rule all the other rings. This ring is controlled by dark forces. This magic ring gives the dark lord power to mercilessly conquer all the other kingdoms and implement a dictatorial rule. This magic ring is used to commit numerous atrocities.
All these actions are meant to bring the real meaning of Tolkien. It means wrath. In his tragic journey of availing wrath to earthly creatures, he takes relish in the many moments of violence, witchcraft, and magic. He has a fate of terrifying and horrifying all the earthly creatures he comes across. Tolkien creates a theory of dependence. The rulers of an imagined fourth generation rely on a super-natural creature. This idea of dependence resembles current practice of Illuminati. It relies on a central super-human connecting the leaders in a mysterious cycle.

Hobbit Architecture




J. R. R. Tolkien was undoubtedly one of the standout writers of the 20th century. Two of his greatest contributions to the fiction genre have to be “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Hobbit.”   Both pieces of writing later made the transition from page to screen in the beginning of the 21st century and have been a defining cinematic experience of the fantasy genre.Though there are many other books which have later found their way onto the big screen via a film adaptation. There have been few that have actually introduced a “trend” in modern architecture. Such strong was this piece of writing that architectures of today have actually started to bring the houses and living quarters depicted in the movie to real life structures! These “Hobbit Architecture” based homes are located all over the world and we would be explaining the main features of these homes particularly hobbit roofing.  These are not anything like Birmingham roofing or other typical roofing jobs.  Defining Features:The biggest feature of “Hobbit Houses” is their ability to blend in the environment and essentially looking like a part of the natural landscape. They are mainly dug-out into the raw earth in such a way that the roofing is covered with a layer of grass or bushes. The phenomenon of using the natural environment as the roof is known as “Hobbit Roofing” and was inspired by the film on which it is named after. Apart from this, hobbit houses almost always have a unique and exclusive shape that makes full use of curves and sharp edges. A round door, instead of a regular rectangle one is almost always erected at the entrance of the houses and the use of small windows can also be witnessed. The walls of the houses seem to lean inward with the curve instead of being at a perpendicular angle with the floor and the roofs, following the phenomenon of hobbit roofing also follow the same curved trajectory.


Materials Used


Though the materials used in the houses can vary from location to location, some items that are used on most occasions are stone, concrete bricks, native grass, and clovers. The Hobbit Homes are normally made within green environments away from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities so the inhabitants can feel as one with nature and enjoy peace of mind, body, and soul. They can be found in many places of the world but are mostly native to places like Finland, Norway, and Iceland. If you are the true fan of “The Hobbit” then these places are a must visit for you.